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We've launched the next phase of our Campaign to Record "Tapestry Rewoven!"  Our mission to use this recording to promote jazz to future generations continues!  Click here for more info.

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Our Story:

About five years ago I was at the gym (specifically, on the Lat Pull-Down machine) listening to You’ve Got a Friend from Carole King’s legendary recording, Tapestry. From out of nowhere the phrase “Tapestry Rewoven” came into my head. At first I thought about singing this tune, which I had never done. As I continued my workout I realized that the phrase meant something much more—that I could approach the entire album and re-imagine it from a jazz and blues sensibility. Was it possible—the entire recording?

The idea excited me musically and emotionally. For women of my generation, Tapestry was more than just a great album. It was virtually our religion. Just about every co-ed at Penn State (my alma mater) had a copy of the album. We awoke to it, we went to sleep to it, we cut class to it. To this day, You’ve Got a Friend is the anthem for the friendship I share with my college roommate, Barb. With all that reverence, I didn’t want to do anything that might disgrace the recording, I thought. But once the idea had made itself known, I couldn’t shake it.

I brought the idea to my longtime collaborator and arranger, Daryl Kojak and we began to explore the territory. Daryl outdid himself time after time. We wanted to be sure that in our zeal for bringing something new to this recording, we would be honoring it in the process. We worked for several years and in some cases we ended up with multiple treatments for a track. By 2008, we knew we had it.

Tapestry Rewoven premiered live in New York City in August 2008 and in 2009 enjoyed performances to standing ovations at the Iridium Jazz Club in NYC (about 20 performances spanning the year) as well as the world-renowned BB King Blues Club in Times Square.  Outside of New York the show toured to Los Angeles and Chicago. Look for Tapestry Rewoven to tour once again in 2010/2011. 

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Laurie Krauz (on behalf of the entire team!)

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“Extraordinary work. Every element and every moment contribute unerringly to an unforgettable, quite remarkable whole.”  Roy Sander, critic and columnist 

“... it could be a masterwork not unlike her idol's.”  David Finkle, Back Stage 

"Krauz kept the King sweetness in 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow?' while turning it into a jazzy ballad.  In answer to the song's question--yes, Laurie Krauz, after this show and it's brilliant song interpretations, I will love you tomorrow ... and always."
Stephen Hanks, broadwayworld.com

"Laurie, with able assist from the band and poignant, '60s-styled backup girls, ended on a powerful remodeled version of 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?' We will, Laurie. And where you lead, we will follow." Charles Truenski, Leave it to Beaverhausen

"Tapestry Rewoven is a unique work of contemporary jazz....  Although it is not yet a CD, Tapestry Rewoven promises to deliver its own stamp of 'classic.'"  Elizabeth Ahlfors, Cabaret Scenes 

“Certainly a departure from the way the songs were originally presented, the jazz stylings of Krauz and Kojak and the group were a perfectly natural progression, so seamlessly and imaginatively were the American Pop Idiom and the American Jazz Idiom combined in this respectful and highly satisfying amalgam of disparate styles. The audience ‘ate it with a spoon’ and showed their love and enthusiasm with a standing ovation, hoots and hollers.”  Jan Wallman, Nite Life Exchange 

“From the moment the show began, the audience completely came on board for the ride. And what a ride it was.”   Ligia Fernandez, Broadway Café Society 

“Without a doubt, Krauz has the voice and the sensitivity to do justice to any of Carole King’s classic songs.”  Cassie Newman, Cabaret Exchange 

“A scat specialist who can project heartbreak, strength, vulnerability, and feminine grace within a single number, Krauz wowed the appreciative Wednesday night crowd. It felt like a serendipitous fusion of the turbulent 1970s and the challenging yet hopeful early-2000s. The songs are all from King’s Tapestry album, and the notion of revisiting the work of a fine artist in this manner proved a great one. Here’s hoping Krauz doesn’t stay away from our fair city too long.  Les Spindle, Back Stage West


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